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Delphi Shows Satellite Video For The Car

LAS VEGAS — Car electronics supplier Delphi continues to make inroads in the consumer market with new products, including a portable navigation system that will be available at Circuit City and satellite video for the car.

The company boosted its presence in the car stereo aftermarket in the past two years through its dominance in XM hardware. Dave Wohleen, president of Delphi’s electrical, electronics and safety division, said it shipped 1.8 million XM units since it began production and that three out of four current XM users own Delphi hardware.

Delphi showed prototypes of several advanced products that are slated for the aftermarket within three years including a 200-channel, satellite video system with an antenna built-in to the car roof (without changing the form factor of the car) at a target price of $1,000. Also on view is a CD receiver with a 20GB hard drive that can rip CDs and ‘pause’ songs on the radio for playback later. Both products are expected to be available in new cars within five years.

Delphi’s new navigation unit recently began shipping at $800. The turn-by-turn map-based GPS system offers ‘the brightest 3D display on the market,’ according to a spokesman. It has a flash memory slot and ships with two CDs containing maps of the United States.

Also new is an 8-inch overhead monitor with built-in DVD slot.

Delphi also announced it will begin building Sirius-ready radios for Ford.