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Delphi Readies XM SkyFi3, New GPS

Troy, Mich. — Delphi will ship a new XM SkyFi3 receiver in December that has some of the same functions as the Pioneer Inno and Samsung Helix.

The new unit will double as a plug-and-play receiver and a wearable radio that receives live XM broadcasts.

In addition the company announced a new low-cost portable GPS device, the NAV200, which will ship in October at suggested retail $349.

The new third-generation SkyFi plug-and-play receiver may be used with a headset that has its own built-in antenna to become a wearable portable, said Delphi.

The SkyFi3 has a 2.8-inch screen and can store up to 10 hours of XM programming in built-in memory. Users can seek out and access songs stored in memory by artist, title and genre. This feature is similar to that found in the Pioneer Inno, and it is currently being contested by record companies in a lawsuit against XM.

The SkyFi 3 also has a 30-minute, TiVo-like buffer where users can pause, fast forward and rewind through XM programming. Again similar to the Inno and Helix, users can bookmark favorite songs heard on XM for purchase later via the XM + Napster download service.

The SkyFi3 has an internal battery for five hours of portable playback. It ships Dec. 1, with a car kit at a suggested retail of $199, or as a package with sports armband and a coupon for a wearable headset/antenna at $229.

Delphi also announced a new portable GPS NAV200 that includes optional real-time traffic, a 3.5-inch color screen and a 400MHz processor. The unit offers preloaded maps on an SD card of the United States and Canada. It can also play back MP3 and picture and video files from an SD card.