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Dell, Sony and HP Launch New PDAs

New York – Last week saw a flurry of handheld announcements with Dell, Sony and HP all unveiling new models.

Dell claims the new Axim X3s are 28 percent lighter than the X5 series, which will remain in the lineup. All three X3 units have SDIO slots, 3.5-inch transflective TFT color displays with 240 by 320 resolution and XScale processors. The X3i adds WiFi 802.11b with 400MHz processor and 64MB of SDRAM at $379. The step-down model, minus the WiFi, retails for $329, and the third model, with 300MHz processor and 32MB of RAM, sells at $229. Dell claims it reached the No. 2 spot in Pocket PC sales in the world and in the United States in less than a year.

Sony’s new CLIE Palm-based PEG-TJ25 and PEG-TJ35 start at $199 estimated street price. They are designed to offer basic features in a high-styled aluminum case. The devices also feature more built-in applications for easier set up of the device, as well as MP3 player, handwriting recognition and software for viewing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Both models use 200MHz processors. The TJ25 offers 16 MB of RAM at $199, and the TJ35 offers 32MB of RAM at $249.

HP released two new iPAQ PDAs last week, including its first with built-in keyboard.

The new Pocket PC units, the 4150 and 4350 offer integrated Bluetooth, WiFi and run Windows Mobile 2003.

HP claims the new 4150, minus the keyboard is the lightest and thinnest Pocket PC below $500. It uses an Intel 400MHz XScale processor and has 64 MB of RAM and an SDIO slot.

The 4350 has many of the same features, adding a built-in, backlit, micro-keyboard and a larger removable lithium ion battery