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Dell Intros New PDAs

Round Rock, Texas — Dell has introduced a new line of Pocket PC PDAs, including a new top-line model that is one of the first to sport a VGA screen.

The Axim X50v has a 3.7-inch screen with 480 by 640 pixel resolution, as well as a new Intel 2700 multimedia accelerator for the high-end gaming market. The unit is also aimed at corporate customers. It offers a 624MHz XScale processor and 128MB of flash ROM, and, like other X50 models, it features Bluetooth 1.2 wireless and dual SecureDigital and CompactFlash expansion slots. The top two models including the Axim X50 midlevel and Axim X50v also have 802.11b Wi-Fi.

The full X50 line is the first Pocket PC series to run Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software with Media Player 10 for Mobile, said Dell. The lineup has also been slimmed down for a sleeker profile.

The Axim X50 entry-level model and midlevel models offer QVGA screens with 64MB and 128MB of flash ROM, respectively, and 416MHz and 520MHz processors at $299 and $399, respectively. The Axim X50v has a list price of $499.