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Dell To Expand Printing And Imaging Offerings

LAS VEGAS – Dell announced Thursday that it had inked technology agreements with Samsung, Kodak and Fuji Xerox that would lead to new imaging and printing product offerings from Dell.

Michael Dell made the announcement during his Industry Insiders speech at the International CES.

Dell would not give out any product details saying only that the deals were similar to the one it now has with Lexmark. Under that agreement the two companies co-develop inkjet printers that are then sold by Dell under its own brand name, said Timothy Peters, Dell’s VP and GM of imaging and printing.

The new deals will have no impact on the Lexmark situation, Peters said. New printers are now being developed by each firm for release later this year. A Lexmark spokesman said the company is happy with both its current arrangement with Dell and the newly announced contracts.

Peters said the new deals were struck in response to consumer requests that Dell jump into new product categories. Dell intends to tap each of the companies technology and intellectual property rights in order to expand its own imaging and printing products and services.

The representatives on hand from Kodak, Fuji Xerox and Samsung all came from the imaging and printing divisions of those companies, but they would not give any specifics on what technologies they may be supplying to Dell.