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Dell Enters Tablet PC Market

Round Rock, Texas — Dell today introduced a new line of convertible notebooks under the Latitude XT brand.

This represents Dell’s first entry into this category.

The first unit, in what’s expected to be a family of Tablet PCs, is centered on a 12.1-inch display utilizing the new capacitive touch technology that has the screen sense a finger’s touch without the person having to apply any pressure. Dell said this touchscreen technology will eventually be developed to the point where several fingers can be pressed against a screen at one time.

The XTs are less than 1-inch thick and weigh less than 4 pounds. They are available now for pre-order with shipment expected later this month. The starting price is $2,499.

Other features include a docking base, full-sized keyboard, up to a 64GB solid state drive or a 120GB hard drive, an Intel Core 2 Solo or Duo ultra-low-voltage processor and an ATI Radeon x1250 integrated graphics card.