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Delkin Pushes Digital Imaging From Desktop To Set-Top

Poway, Calif. – Delkin Devices has added its new eFilm Picturevision set-top digital image viewer to a growing list of peripherals designed to move digital imaging from desktop to set-top.

It is the first of such devices to play MP3 audio files through the TV or be connected to a stereo system.

The unit, now shipping for a suggested retail price of $159, is a set-top box with memory card slots for CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, SD/MMC and IBM Microdrives. It connects to a TV or digital projector using the included AV cable and lets users display images in a slide show.

The unit comes with a remote control that allows users to customize settings and perform zoom and rotate functions. The Picturevision is compatible with any size and type of television set worldwide since it can be set to either NTSC or PAL TV standards.

Once a digital camera memory card is inserted into the Picturevision, the TV screen displays the start-up menu, which offers a number of functions designed to enhance the performance of the unit. With the remote control users are able to customize the slide show settings, browse by either file name or thumbnail image, and set zoom, rotate, and panning preferences. Consumers can also delete files off the memory card.