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Delkin Launches USB Bridge

Poway, Calif. — High-end memory card manufacturer Delkin Devices introduced a USB Bridge that can connect and transfer files between any two USB devices without a computer.

While the company is targeting the device toward digital photographers, the palm-sized USB Bridge can copy files between any two USB equipped devices, such as MP3 players, including the ubiquitous iPod, USB flash drives, external hard drives, CD-R burners and memory card readers.

According to Delkin, the Bridge is compatible with “all the top camera brands” and was designed for the traveling photographer who needs a solution for storing and transferring files on the go.

Files are transferred from the source device to the destination device with the touch of a button with designated input and output ports. Another one-button verification step confirms that the transfer is complete.

The Bridge uses two AA batteries, which are included, for roughly seven hours of continuous use. It is available now for a suggested retail price of $69.99.