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Delkin Intros d-SLR Cleaner

Poway, Calif. — Delkin Devices introduced a cleaning system for digital SLRs last week.

The SensorScope System lets d-SLR users inspect their camera’s image sensor to determine whether it needs to be cleaned. It offers a 5x magnification lens and four LED lights to help users identify the presence of dust or dirt before they touch the sensor.

The system will also include a USB or battery-powered SensorVac portable vacuum, a lint-free fabric SensorWand (which offers one end for wet cleaning, the other for dry) and a chemical SensorSolution for use with wet cleaning.

The cleaning kit will ship in January in two configurations. A DigitalDuster Kit for a suggested $89.99 will include a SensorVac, 12 SensorWands, a guide and a carrying case. A $189 SensorScope System will offer the SensorScope, one SensorVac, 12 SensorWands, one bottle of SensorSolution, a guide and carrying case.

A refill kit including 15 wands, a guide and a bottle of solution and will be available for a suggested $49.99.

The cleaning system was designed specifically for Canon and Nikon models but may also be used on other manufacturers’ d-SLRs, Delkin said.

Dust and dirt typically adhere to image sensors when lenses are changed, and digital SLR manufacturers have begun combating the problem with vibrating sensors that shake free dust. All Olympus models use a vibrating sensor, as do models from Panasonic, Pentax, Canon and Samsung.