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Delaney Exits Hitachi; CE Part Of New Division

San Diego — Leo Delaney, marketing VP of Hitachi Home Electronics, has left the company.

Chief strategist for the division, Kevin Sullivan, will take on Delaney’s day-to-day responsibilities until a replacement is named, according to Gerald Corbett, brand and corporate communications VP for parent company Hitachi America.

The parent company recently announced the formation of a new division, called the ubiquitous platform systems division (UB), which will focus on both consumer and enterprise digital media products and services, which will be effective April 1.

According to a prepared statement, the new division combines the digital media division in Brisbane, Calif., and the home electronics division, based here. The new division will be headed by Kenji Nakamura, most recently VP/general manager of the home electronics division. Hiroshi Tsuganuma, VP/general manager of the digital media division, has been named as general manager, America department, international sales division, part of Hitachi’s Tokyo-based consumer business group.

In making the announcement, Masahide Tanigaki, president/CEO of Hitachi America, said, “The ubiquitous platform systems division is being formed to provide a single, integrated contact point for Hitachi’s range of digital display products in the U.S. and more closely align operations in the U.S. with those of Hitachi’s ubiquitous platform systems operations in Asia and Europe. The UB division will serve customers in traditional professional and consumer markets, and also seek opportunities in the emerging ‘cross over’ electronics sectors where platforms for digital content are beginning to proliferate.”