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DEG Suggests BD Players For The Holidays

Los Angeles — The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) has compiled a list of some of the most aggressively priced Blu-ray Disc players that will be available this holiday shopping season.

The list features players that are retailing for between $300 and “under $200.”

A study conducted by the DEG earlier this fall found that 60 percent of HDTV owners said the major reason why they don’t yet own a Blu-ray player was because the players were too expensive. Given the latest product introductions, consumers can now purchase a set-top player from a wide variety of retail and online outlets at affordable prices. 

“Blu-ray Disc players deliver the highest quality in both picture and sound and offer film lovers the ultimate home-entertainment experience,” said Amy Jo Smith, DEG executive director. “With inexpensive Blu-ray players now widely available, Blu-ray becomes the ideal attachment for every HDTV.”

The DEG said entry-level Blu-ray Disc players are available from a variety of leading consumer electronics manufacturers, including:

Magnavox (NB500MG9), Panasonic (DMP-BD30), Panasonic (DMP-BD35), Philips (BDP7200), Samsung (BD-P1000, BD-P1200 and BD-P1500), Sharp (BD-HP2OU and BDHP21U), Sony (BDP-BX1, BDP-S300, BDP-S301 and BDP-S350) and Sylvania (NB500SL9, NB501SL9).