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DEG Steps Up Blu-ray Promo Activities

Los Angeles — Multi-industry home entertainment media organization the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) said it is developing a multifaceted campaign featuring consumer education, retail training and public relations programs in support of the Blu-ray Disc format.

The DEG, whose members encompass the content, consumer electronics and IT industries, said “it aims to provide a collaborative, unified marketing effort for Blu-ray Disc as it did for DVD.”

The group was originally founded as the DVD Entertainment Group to help build the market for the then-fledgling standard-definition disc format. It later changed its name to reflect its growing role to support all digital entertainment formats from video discs to digital downloads.

The company had promoted Blu-ray Discs in the past, but those efforts were somewhat hindered by the group’s split responsibility for the promotion of both Blu-ray and the recently dropped HD DVD formats.

“Given our success in promoting new entertainment formats, the DEG is the logical association to underscore the benefits of Blu-ray Disc to consumers, retail and the media,” said Bob Chapek, Walt Disney Studios Worldwide Home Entertainment president and DEG chairman. “As the DEG was the unified front for the support of DVD, we will also be leading the promotion of high definition packaged media.”

The DEG will serve as the primary source of information for Blu-ray Disc, including consumer education, hardware/software introductions, media relations as well as a central repository for data, the group said.

The DEG said its Blu-ray Disc campaign will encourage consumers to upgrade to Blu-ray Disc hardware and software to accompany their HDTVs.
The Blu-ray Disc Association, which had performed some of the duties outlined in the DEG’s new mission statement, said it welcomes the organization’s support, while marking its territory. 
“The Blu-ray Disc Association is pleased to have the DEG join ranks of companies and organizations that have recognized Blu-ray Disc as the global, high definition successor to DVD,” according to a BDA statement. “As the BDA continues to drive promotional efforts and moves its focus to providing consumers with a broader understanding of the format and the benefits of upgrading to next-generation hardware and software, we look forward to coordinating the efforts of the DEG and the many other supporters of the format to encourage and accelerate consumer adoption.”