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DEG Restructures For Age Of Digital Delivery

Los Angeles – The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) said Thursday that it has restructured the group’s organization, mission statement and practices, in part, to better reflect the arrival of digitally delivered media and the various new products and companies associated with it.

“If you look at the evolution of this group, back from when it was the DVD Entertainment Group … there is this bright beacon no longer in the far distance but something that is imminently achievable leading us to say let’s expand and welcome new types of members in who might have different thoughts and perspectives on where this industry is going,” said Bob Chapek, DEG chairman and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment president.

“Unprecedented consumer demand for better quality and more flexible options for content has created the need for the DEG to examine its current practices,” stated Ron Sanders, DEG president and Warner Home Video president. “To ensure we remain the key source for authoritative and credible industry support, the DEG is making some important changes that will affect how we respond to the needs of the industry.”

The group said it intends to continue to “honor its original mission of being the best source of industry information, but the group will now also help with the development and implementation of new tactics to increase efficiency across all media platforms.”

The restructuring will impact three main areas including a revision of the group’s mission statement to include a focus on both products in market and those in development.

The second is to set key new objectives for the coming year, and third is to re-purpose its four major committees to help meet the objectives, the DEG said.

The most noteworthy change, the group said, is the expansion into digitally delivered media, and a goal of “improving supply chain efficiency while continuing to decrease the industry’s overall carbon footprint.”

The four restructured DEG committees will include the following:

* The Established Categories Committee will support home entertainment products currently in the marketplace to help further awareness and adoption. The committee will explore marketing support and trade initiatives for Blu-ray Disc and DVD products to generate excitement and renewed interest to ensure the continued success of these formats.

* The Developing Platforms Committee will evaluate emerging services and platforms for delivering content to the consumer and clarify the various opportunities before the industry.  

* The Supply Chain Committee will be concerned with identifying efficiencies in the global supply chain and studying the best practices for implementing green initiatives.  

* The Communications Committee will guide the scope of DEG activities, including, trade events, public relations, promotions, retailer involvement and merchandising and educational endeavors.

“Now that these changes are implemented, the DEG will be better prepared to respond to the current trends before us and provide needed support to the marketplace,” Chapek said.

Committee members will include the following:

Developing Platforms: chair Leslie Cohen, senior VP, new products and services, Sony Music Entertainment; vice chair Jodi Sally, VP, Toshiba; Anthony Bay, chairman and CEO, MOD Systems; Michele Edelman, VP, Warner Bros., digital distribution; Mary Kincaid, executive VP, Paramount Home Entertainment; Curt Marvis, Lionsgate digital media president; Mark Turner, Microsoft director.

Established Categories: chair Jeffrey Thompson, VP, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment; vice chair Bob Weissburg, president, D&M Holdings; Steven Chester, Blink Digital/Ascent Media VP and GM; Eric Doctorow, GM, MGM Home Entertainment; Rich Marty, VP, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; Andy Parsons, senior VP, Pioneer Electronics; Robert Read, VP, Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Supply Chain: chair Dan Miron, VP, Warner Home Video; vice chair Akin Ceylan, executive VP Lionsgate; Aodan Coburn, executive VP, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; Steve Dahl, senior VP, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment; Rick Eiberg, executive VP, Image Entertainment; Tom Emrey, executive VP and COO, Universal Studios Home Entertainment; Sandy Friedman, executive VP, Summit Entertainment; Lisa Gussack, VP, HBO Home Entertainment; Tony Korkunis, senior VP, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Dana Renert, VP, Sony Music Entertainment; Doug Reinart, executive VP, Paramount Home Entertainment; Larry Wilk, VP, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Communications: Jim Noonan, senior VP, Warner Bros., home entertainment group; vice chair Marty Gordon, VP, Philips Electronics; James Finn, senior VP, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Fritz Friedman, senior VP, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; Lea Porteneuve, senior VP, Universal Studios Home Entertainment; Maria Repole, assistant VP, Toshiba; Terry Shea, GM, JVC USA.