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Definitive’s Sandy Gross To Retire

Baltimore — Sandy Gross, who co-founded Definitive Technology in 1990, will retire from the company on March 31.

Gross, who is president, and other co-founders sold the company to Directed Electronics in 2004. Since then, he said, “I’ve been contemplating the next phase of my life.”

“For decades I’ve worked 24/7 running my businesses, and I saw the time approaching when I would want to slow down, take a break and contemplate my future plans. But I didn’t want to leave before there was a management structure in place that could continue Definitive’s legacy of quality and success.”

In 2007, Gross promoted long-time Definitive executive Dave Peet to executive VP and hired Polk Audio veteran Paul DiComo as marketing VP. Peet and DiComo have been running Definitive’s business on a day-to-day basis while Gross transitioned out of daily management, the company said. When Gross leaves, DiComo and Peet will assume Gross’s remaining responsibilities.

Like the late Henry Kloss, Sandy Gross has the distinction of having founded two major speaker brands, the company said. In 1972, Gross teamed with Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Craig Georgi to create Polk Audio.

In an email to dealers, Gross said:

When, Ed, Don, Anne and I started Definitive Technology in 1990, little did we know what we would build (both literally and figuratively) and how our small project would develop into one of the world’s leading loudspeaker companies. Clearly, all of your help and support was the magical catalyst that made our dream a reality and I sincerely thank you for helping to make my dream come true.  I have personally had a blast over the last 19 years working together with my team here at Definitive and with you and all my friends in the industry.  I have tremendously enjoyed the creation of our company and our products and now the time has come for me to move on.  I am certainly lucky; some might say blessed, to be in a position to take some time off, relax, indulge my passions and contemplate my future plans. I know that it is a challenging time for our industry but I am confident that Definitive, under the guidance of Dave Peet and Paul DiComo and with your support, will grow and prosper. I encourage you to stay in touch with me.”