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Definitive’s Bipolar Series Gets Makeover

Baltimore –

Definitive Technology

is turning
over its line of bipolar towers speakers and matching center-channels and
surrounds with the launch of nine new models redesigned from the ground up to
deliver what the company said are “dramatic improvements in appearance and

All models, particularly the center-channel
and surround speakers, sport a slimmer and sleeker appearance, the company
said. The left-right floorstanding speakers also incorporate a new
patent-pending bipolar design, called Forward Focused Bipolar Array, to deliver
the “pinpoint localization of soloists of traditional forward radiating
speakers” without compromising the imaging benefits of bipolar designs, the
company said. Bipolar designs, the company explained, use forward- and
rear-facing drivers to “radiate sound in an omnidirectional pattern for more
life-like imaging.”

The nine new models include four floorstanding
Bipolar SuperTower speakers with built-in powered subwoofer, two matching bipolar
surround speakers, and three matching non-bipolar center-channel speakers, two
with built-in powered woofer. The previous lineup also included speakers with
built-in active subs or active woofers.

 The new models will ship in the fall in the
U.S., Canada, and most Latin American markets, with versions for Europe and
Asia due 2011. Prices for the four floorstanding speakers are a suggested $599,
$799, $999 and $1,499 each. The center-channel prices are $499, $699 and $999
each, and the surround are $249 and $349 each. (See the Definitive spec sheet for
product details.) Of the 11 models in the previous series, only the BP7000SC
towers at $2,749 each will be carried over.

The styling
updates in all of the new speakers, said Definitive EVP Dave Peet, still
deliver “the signature Definitive bipolar look,” which in the floorstanding
speakers consists of high-gloss black top, bottom and side caps as well as grille-cloth-wrapped
wood enclosures. But the floorstanders were “slimmed down to minimize their
actual and visual footprints,” he added. Various styling cues tie the centers
and surrounds to the towers to create “an integrated family look,” he added.

The appearance of the centers and surrounds
has been redesigned to be “sleek, elegant and contemporary” to match “today’s
decorating aesthetic and thin TVs,” Peet said. The top two centers use built-in
powered woofers to deliver full-range sound and “perfect timbre matching” to
the left and right floorstanders.

All new speakers feature new tweeter,
midrange and woofer drivers, tweeters, amplifiers as well as new enclosure
construction and amplifier technology, the company continued.

The midrange drivers use an updated Balanced
Double Surround System (BDSS) technology to deliver “a dramatic upgrade in
midrange accuracy, detail and imaging,” the company said. The amps in the
towers and two centers feature an all-new Class D design with higher power
output and digital signal processing to produce deeper, louder, and tighter
bass, Definitive added.

previously announced, the brand also

plans to

three more super-thin speakers
later this year to join the 1.5-inch-deep Mythos XTR-50, a $699 two-way LCR
designed to complement ever-thinner LED-backlit LCD TVs.