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Definitive Technology Launches Ultra-Thin Passive Soundbars

– Definitive Technology is adding the first passive multichannel soundbars to its
XTS series of ultra-thin on-wall/on-shelf speakers designed for use with the
growing selection of ultra-thin flat-panel LCD TVs.

brand plans July shipment of the XTR-SSA3
three-channel L/C/R sound bar at a suggested $799 and the XTR-SSA5 five-channel
sound bar at $999. They will join two passive five-channel soundbars in the less-thin
Mythos series priced at $799 and $1,099. All of
Definitive’s passive soundbars are designed to connect to AV receivers and
powered subwoofers.

The five-channel XTS-series soundbar incorporates passive Spatial
Array technology to
deliver virtual five-speaker surround sound without installing separate
surround speakers or a separate center-channel speaker. The technology also
works on the front-left and front-right channels to widen the front soundstage
beyond the width of the speaker cabinet.

The new
three-channel soundbar also uses Spatial Array technology on the left and right
channels to widen the soundstage.

  Both models feature cabinets that are only
1.61-inches-deep and made from hand-polished
aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, said to offer an attractive look, space
efficiency, and superior sonic characteristics. Both also come with supplied
wall-mount bracket and adjustable supports for horizontal placement on TV shelf

 Definitive attributes the
shallow speakers’ wide dynamic range, frequency response and broad dispersion
to patent-pending XTDD driver technology to use space more efficiently and maximizes
the driver’s moving surface area. The five-channel XTR-SSA5 features 10
3.5-inch aluminum-dome XTDD drivers and three 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeters. It
measures 5.25 inches by 45 inches by 1.61 inches.

 The three-channel XTR-SSA3
features six 3.5-inch aluminum-dome XTDD drivers and three 1-inch aluminum-dome

The XTR series also consists of four single-channel speakers, all
launched in 2010 and each capable of being used as a left, center or right
speaker. They include the $799-each XTR-60, $599-each XTR-50, and $499-each
XTR-40, all of which are 1.5-inches-deep. Another XTR speaker, the
2.5-inch-deep $279-each XTR-20BP, can be used as an LCR but is intended mainly
for surround-speaker use because of its bipolar driver array.