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Scottsdale, Ariz. - DBL Distributing, Ingram Micro's consumer electronics division, said is prepared for the 3D rollout with products and accessories.

DBL has begun its marketing efforts with a 3D Samsung flyer, mailed to DBL customers. Designed with a 3D cover and 3D glasses enclosed, this flyer described the emerging technology and highlighted the Samsung 3D offerings. Other marketing tools, including email blasts, were also used.

DBL said in a statement its sales staff has been fully versed in the importance of 3D technology and the complementary products that will encompass the 3D experience.

DBL is stocking such products as:

·         Shutter 3D glasses;

·         Monster Cable's 1000hd ultimate high-speed HDMI cable, which boasts a bandwidth greater than 15.8Gbps to ensure that it streams audio and visual with maximum speed and clarity;

·         Atlantic Technology's System 8200e THX Ultra 2 freestanding speakers and the IWTS-30 LCR; and

·         3D Blu-ray players, notably Samsung's new BD-C6900 that combines 3D capability, Web-connected apps, built-in Wi-Fi and 1080p up-converting into one product.

"3D technology is a lucrative opportunity with a substantial growth opportunity to sell an abundance of complementary products to consumers. As consumers upgrade their televisions, retailers have the opportunity to sell the entire entertainment package, including 7.1-channel speaker systems, HDMI 1.4 cables, 3D glasses, 3D Blu-ray players and complementary accessories," said Tim Coakley, vendor management and marketing VP.

He noted that 3D gaming will be important and that DBL expects a surge in gaming accessories. "The consumer demand for 3D gaming will only grow as consumers experience video gaming at a whole new level."

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