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DataPlay Hopes 250 Titles Will Support Rollout

INDIAN WELLS, CALIF. -DataPlay hopes to have 250 music titles available by October, when partner Toshiba, as well as Samsung and others, will introduce music players and digital cameras incorporating the new disc-based storage format.

David Davies, chief technology officer of the Boulder, Colo.-based company, gave IRMA attendees an over-view of DataPlay and its technology. For the rollout, he said, the company hopes to have “from 100 to 250 titles, Billboard Top 50-type titles.”

Davies stressed that DataPlay, which will introduce 500MB blank discs and prerecorded discs this year, will be “multi-codec compatible.preserve copyrights” and provide “a user-friendly, non-obtrusive protection system.”

Prerecorded discs will be packaged in CD-sized cases that will feature one album, he said. For a fee, the consumer has the ability to access online up to four albums by the same recording artist, promotional information, and audio or video clips.