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Dash PND Lowered To Every Day $299

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Dash Navigation has permanently lowered the retail price of the Dash Express—the industry’s first two-way, always-on, cellular connected personal navigation device — to $299, after sales spiked during a recent Father’s Day promotion at that new low price point.

Prior to the Father’s Day promotion, the Dash Express sold for $399 at its two key retail outlets: and Crutchfield.

A Dash spokesman said, “After seeing such outstanding results from our partners’ recent Dads & Grads promotions, we’ve decided to lower the price of the Dash Express from $399.99 to $299.99. Hitting this lower price point will make the Dash Express affordable to even more customers and continue accelerating the growth of the Dash Driver Network.”

Introduced in April, the Dash Express uses cellular and Wi-Fi modems to not only deliver traffic reports but to collect road speed information from its users as they drive. The information is broadcast within minutes to other Dash users in the form of traffic updates. The more Dash devices on the road, the more accurate the traffic reports.

The first-of-its-kind device is being closely watched by GPS makers to gauge the market demand for two-way traffic technology.

During the first week of the Dash $299 promotion in early June, the device rose from the No. 97 slot on’s list of best selling GPS devices to the No. 20 position. It has since dropped down to number 44.