DarbeeVision Readies Video Processing HDMI Cable



DarbeeVision will begin shipping an HDMI cable accessory with an embedded video processor module that it says will add more immersive visuals to any video game or digital video content.

DarbeeVision’s video processor module, in a small housing embedded in the HDMI cable, plugs into a gaming console and enhances the output of any video game, as well as any digital video including DVD, Blu-ray Disc and media player content on both standard and high-definition TVs, the company said.

DarbeeVision said its proprietary technology was developed taking into account what the human visual system does when images are viewed by the eyes and processed by the human brain. The original image’s depth and clarity are enhanced by the cable’s processor, resulting in what DarbeeVision called “an extraordinary sense of realism and depth.”

“Gamers pride themselves on being up to speed on the latest and greatest — they have a rabid appetite for new products, and gaming is truly more than a hobby — it’s a way of life,” said Paul Darbee, DarbeeVision’s founder/ CEO. “With that in mind, our new HDMI cable will put gamers inside the action, drawing them deeper into the game by adding depth of scene and extreme clarity and detail -- objects in the game will appear to possess a strong sense of depth separation and roundness.”

The company said previews of DarbeeVision-enhanced video games were very well received at International CES in January. DarbeeVision is now offering its HDMI smart cable technology to gaming accessory OEMs.

DarbeeVision also offers a technology suite for OEMs including a Darbee software application for still image processing; Darbee GPU software running on a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPU for real-time digital video processing; Darbee Box, a CE accessory device based upon FPGA architecture for real-time digital video processing; the Darbee IP Block, a hardware IP block for licensing to be used in embedded applications.


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