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DarbeeVision Debuts HDMI Video Enhancer

Indianapolis — DarbeeVision is at CEDIA Expo demonstrating the Darblet, a new TV accessory product that enhances HDMI video in real time.

The Darblet is a small HDMI video processor device that embeds real depth information into a video stream, increasing the levels of perceived depth, clarity and realism, the company said, equating its effect on video “to what Dolby does for sound.”

The company is doing live demos of the Darblet in booth 712, streaming video on high-end HDTV panels from a variety of sources including Blu-ray, glasses-free 3D featuring Darbee Visual Presence and PureDepth Multi Layer Display, video goggles for virtual reality, 2D and 3D games, digital microscopy, and live video surveillance from security cameras.

Next up for DarbeeVision is the release of its new flagship video processor, which is slated to be introduced in Q2 2013. The video processor for the high-end market is being designed with Ciro Design, and boasts a landscape-oriented cellphone-sized LCD multitouch screen, multiple inputs, Internet access and remote programmability, the company said.

It will feature a new video EQ display that offers spatial frequency band information to allow the user to visualize video information passing through the unit, in real time — similar to how audio equalizers display audio frequencies. Prototypes are on display in the booth.

DarbeeVision is having a drawing for a free Darblet each day of the show.