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DarbeeVision Adds Depth To Customer Base

ANAHEIM, CALIF. – DarbeeVision used the recent International CES to demonstrate a range of visual depth cue imageenhancement products, including the new DVP-5100CIE (custom installer edition) HDMI video-processor.

The company also announced a series of partners that will be adding its technologies into forthcoming CE products.

The DVP-5100CIE includes PhaseHD technology, which is said to solve many HDMI connectivity issues, and Darbee Visual Presence DVP processing, which adds new levels of depth and clarity to any digital image.

Also on tap for a public viewing is a display of native 4K video processed with DVP technology.

At the show, DarbeeVision demonstrated what 4K Ultra HD video can achieve when processed by DVP technology. DarbeeVision said that Ultra HD images, while stunning, are still flat when compared to 4K images that have been processed by the native 4K version of DVP.

Images were offered in three modes — high-def, gaming and full pop — running at native 4K resolution. The show demo was burned in and not run in real time, but the company is confident it will have a real-time running 4K demo by the end of the year. A market introduction for 4K enhancement will probably follow some time in 2015, the company said.

Meanwhile, the new DVP-5100CIE (custom-installer edition) — which installs between any HDMI source and display — is equipped with a sleek black metal 19-inch rack-mountable case with rear connectors, an IR extender port, and is USB field upgradable. The inclusion of PhaseHD technology is said to enhance ease of use by solving connectivity and compliance issues sometimes associated with using HDMI devices, cables and extenders.

With PhaseHD, the overall performance of HDMI cables is maximized by taking into account the source signal, data rate and cable length (up to a maximum of 164 feet, 26AWG for 1080p60) to control the low- and high-speed signals on both ends of the cable, DarbeeVision said.

The company noted at CES that highperformance Blu-ray Disc player resource Oppo is adding Darbee Visual Presence technology to its new BDP-103D player.

Also adding Darbee Visual Presence technology is Lumagen video systems products, and custom video projector resource Wolf Cinema is including Darbee- Vision technology in an LED projection system box.