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Dan D’Agostino’s Son Founds New Audio Company

Conn. – If the audio industry had its own TV series, this one might be called
All in the D’Agostino Family.

D’Agostino, the eldest son of audio industry veteran Dan D’Agostino, has formed
his own component-audio company,

Sound Company (BSC)

, with the avowed goal of making high-end audio more
affordable without sacrificing performance or build quality.

 Father Dan D’Agostino is co-founder of Krell
Industries and

Dan D’Agostino Master
Audio Systems

. Son Bret D’agostino was technical support and national sales
manager for Krell Industries until September 2009. Shortly after departing
Krell, he helped form Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems. In November 2010, he
formed Bully Sound to focus on a different market segment for more affordable
high end audio products, he said.

first product, shipping this week, is the BSC-100m, a Class A 100-watt monaural
amplifier at $14,750/pair. It will be followed by a 60-watt stereo amp, then a
remote-control line-level preamplifier. The trio will represent the top of
Bully’s line, with the next wave of components positioned as less expensive but
sharing much of the technology in the flagships, the company founder said.

are not a lot of companies that offer a real value in terms of component
quality, workmanship and service,” Bret D’Agostino contended. “Working with and
around many of the finest minds in the audio industry for close to 30 years,
coupled to having an audio legend father at my disposal, is what separates
Bully Sound from the plentiful competition.”