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D-SLRs Spur Strong Camera Accessories Market

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom — The rising tide of digital SLR sales has given a strong lift to camera accessories sales in the United States and Western Europe, according to a new report from the research firm Understanding & Solutions.

The camera accessories market grew 35 percent in the United States and Western European markets. Digital SLRs are driving the category, the firm observed, with 80 percent of the total revenue of $1.7 billion in both the United States and Europe. The average d-SLR carries $260 worth of additional spending on accessories vs. just $2.38 spent on point-and-shoot camera add-ons.

By 2011, d-SLR accessories will account for 90 percent of camera accessory revenue, the firm predicted.

The market is expected to peak next year at $1 billion in the United States, the firm said.

Among accessories, lenses are the most popular, accounting for $878 million — up from $600 million in 2005.

Camera cases are also popular, the firm observed, with 22 million shipped in Western Europe and the United States last year.

The camera-dedicated batteries market saw 8 percent volume growth, and more than 1.1 million flash guns and 1 million tripods and monopods were shipped across Western Europe and the United States.

While accessories have typically been the province of specialty stores, the higher margins have enticed other sales channels to get into the act, the firm said.