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D-Link Bows New 802.11n Adapters

Fountain Valley, Calif. — D-Link has made available its new 802.11n-based Xtreme N Notebook ExpressCard adapters and its desktop PCI Express adapters.

The adapters are said to enhance network communications by allowing high-definition media streaming, file sharing, enhanced VoIP calling and more. Each supports network security encryption and come with the company’s Quick Adapter Setup Wizard software.

The Xtreme N Notebook ExpressCard, model DWA-643, is compatible with most notebook brands, the company said.

The desktop adapter, model DWA-556, is designed for use in larger homes and offices for multiple bandwidth intensive applications. The company says it features three external antennas to provide higher performance than 802.11g technology, while maintaining backward compatibility to 802.11g and 802.11b networks.

The products are now shipping with the DWA-556 and DWA-643 having respective suggested retail prices of $149 and $199.

“Our new ExpressCard and PCIe adapters provide further support to our customers who are purchasing the latest computers to hit the market, either desktop or laptop. Both bring wireless connectivity to the next level, allowing users to enjoy the best network performance possible,” said Brian Larsen, D-Link’s product development associate VP. “Combined with improved performance of draft 11n wireless technology, our newest Xtreme N adapters deliver strong connections for computers on the home network and improved throughput for running bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming media and online gaming.”