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D-Link Bows Network Cams

Fountain Valley, Calif. — D-Link will ship a pair of network cameras to dealers this month.

The surveillance cameras can work on wired or wireless networks and will be bundled with D-ViewCam 2.0 monitoring software that supports viewing up to 32 cameras on a network.

Camera footage can be viewed from a Web browser, and footage can be stored to a computer hard drive, or saved as still photos. Users can control the camera function over the Internet as well.

The cameras feature built-in motion detectors and can be set to send email alerts when motion is detected. Motion can also trigger the cameras to save video footage to a computer hard drive or attached storage device.

Both models record 320 by 240 video at 30 fps with a 1.0 Lux sensor for low-light capture.

The DCS-910 works on wired networks only and will retail for $99. The DCS-920 adds Wi-Fi connectivity and will retail for $119.