CWG Revs Up Recycle, Reuse, Renew Programs

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LAS VEGAS  - CWG, a recycler serving the wireless industry, showcased its line of environmentally sustainable business services here at the show.

With a Zero Landfill policy and business model created around the concept of reuse, CWG's commitment is to a sustainable environment through sound recycling efforts, minimal waste, and safe disposal.

"Our philosophy is repurposing with a purpose," said Joseph Lucania, president and CEO of CWG.

The company's recycling initiatives repair, refurbish, reclaim and reuse all the way down to the component level instead of just the "usable parts," a practice, according to CWG, that is better for the environment as well as because it delivers financial benefits.

The reuse of as many parts as possible-like chipsets and boards-and the salvage of precious metals, plastic and glass, keeps waste generation down, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, keeps materials like plastic and copper out of landfills, and conserves natural resources.


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