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Custom Audio Briefs

Stereostone Stumped
North Hollywood, Calif. — Stereostone, which builds outdoor speakers into rocks and planters, has diversified into outdoor tree-stump speakers

The stump speakers, available since November, include a single-stump stereo model at a suggested $459 each, a single-channel model at $399 each and a subwoofer stump at $399.

It wasn’t clear whether the stump speakers are timbre-matched with the company’s rock speakers, but the company claimed they’re timber-matched to western pines.

The stereo pair packs a two-way speaker system with 8-inch woofer into a 15-inch-tall, 18-inch-diameter stump and delivers 125-watt power handling.

NetStreams Adds Video
Austin, Texas — NetStreams has diversified from multi-room audio to multi-room video with the launch of a video-distribution system that delivers high-definition analog video over CAT-5 cable.

The system ships in March at an estimated retail price if about $800 per video zone.

The video system doesn’t share the same cables as the company’s IP-based multi-room audio system, but the company is developing IP video capability for new products to be launched within 12 months.

Sonance Pivots
San Clemente, Calif. — Sonance plans March shipments of three-way architectural speakers with pivoting woofers to complement pivoting midrange/tweeter assemblies.

The pivoting design appears in 11 in-wall and in-ceiling Virtuoso speakers. Four rectangular and five in-ceiling round models are available at $600 to $2,500/pair. Two round stereo-input models are priced at $325 and $675 each.

The product expands the company’s selection of pivoting-woofer models, first introduced last year in the Symphony series.

HAI Adds Lighting Control
New Orleans — Home Automation is shipping its first powerline-based lighting-control system to complement its other powerline-based home control systems.

The lighting-control system, called Lumina, is available in two versions: the Lumina, capable of controlling 64 lighting loads in a total of eight rooms, and the Lumina Pro, capable of 217 loads in a total of 31 rooms. Each version’s wall-mounted system hub, designed for a utility room, comes with Ethernet port and three serial ports for easy expansion and integration to control other home subsystems. A wall-mounted controller with LCD screen and keypad can be placed anywhere in the house to control lights anywhere in the house.

Lumina can be used for new or retrofit construction because it uses the Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) digital communication standard available for control of lighting and other systems in commercial environments since 2001. Lumina also controls lighting devices based on other powerline standards such as X-10 and ALC.

The company’s current family of control systems supports X-10, Extended Code X-10, Lightolier Compose and UPB powerline-control technologies.

A complete Lumina systems can cost as little as $1,000, but installed prices generally range from $1 to $2 per square foot, the company said.

Installers can expand Lumina connectivity with HAI options, such as Telephone Access with voice menus, Web-Link II for internet control, Home Control for Windows Media Center for control with a single remote, HAI thermostats and temperature sensors (for energy management) and HAI Wireless door and motion sensors for lighting control. Lumina Pro also controls multi-room audio systems.