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CSAV Rolls Out Dealer Authorization Program

St Paul, Minn. — Chief/Sanus Audio Visual (CSAV) announced that it has initiated a dealer authorization program designed to ensure that distributor sale of Sanus Systems products occurs only to authorized dealers and resellers.

CSAV will require its distribution partners to sign a contract indicating that they will sell Sanus products only to companies who meet customer service and marketing criteria set forth by CSAV; unauthorized dealers will not be able to offer customers Sanus warranty support or service. This went into effect late last month.

“The Dealer Authorization Program strives to ensure that our customers get world class support and service from our dealer network, and ultimately will also protect our distributors, full service dealers and the Sanus brand,” said Sanus Systems general manager, Jim Wolford. “We need to guarantee that our end users are getting the highest quality products from authorized dealers who can provide customer service, professional installation assistance and warranty service.”