Crutchfield Goes Green With CEA

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Charlottesville, Va. — Crutchfield has entered a partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to consumers recycle electronic gear at the CEA's

Through the partnership, the retailer will offer an online tool that will allow customers to locate electronics recycling facilities across the United States. The service will be powered by CEA’s myGreenElectronics database, which recently launched on its own site.

The company discovered the consumer need for such information with a recent survey, which it said indicated that fewer than 30 percent of its customers were aware of any local electronics recycling options.

In addition to providing the search tool, Crutchfield said in a release that it will remind customers of the importance of recycling after each purchase and will tell them how to find the nearest recycling center in case they should choose to dispose of their old gear.

“A lot of consumers have heard about the need to recycle computers but are still unaware of the importance of properly recycling other electronics for the protection of the environment,” said John Haydock, Crutchfield’s marketing senior VP. “Even when they do know, they typically don’t know where to take them. But with this new online tool and e-mail reminders, we hope to heighten awareness on a national level and make electronics recycling and everyday event — not just a once-a-year thought.”

While this may be the retailer’s first national eco-friendly step, the company had already begun to work on promoting recycling on a local level. Crutchfield said that last year it launched the first year-round electronics recycling program in the Charlottesville, Va., area.


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