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Crunch Replaces Second Series Of Car Amps

Chicago – Maxxsonics replaced a second car-amplifier series under its Crunch brand.

The 10 new models in the Crunch Powerzone series are positioned below the top-end V-Drive series of 10 amps, which just shipped, and above the opening-price Powerone series.

 The Powerzone (PZ) models that replace previous models offer more power than their predecessors with “negligible” changes in prices, the company said. The line was also expanded to line by two SKUs to hit a new two-channel price point of a suggested $239 and a four-channel price point of $319, the company said.

The amps also get a new cosmetic look, using a carbon-fiber chassis and black anodized extruded heat sink with silver end caps.

The PZ series consists of four two-channel amps priced from a suggested $139 to $239, four four-channel models at $159-$319, and two mono models at $299 and $339. All are Class A/B amps, and all are shipping.

All feature built-in two-way fully adjustable crossovers, and in the four-channel amps, the crossover combines with three-channel bridging capability to drive stereo speakers and a subwoofer. The two- and four-channel models also feature speaker-level and line-level inputs and bridging capability. All amps also feature daisy-chainable line outputs.

 In the PZ series, the four two-channel models are rated at 2×200, 2×300, 2×450, and 2×600 watts into 4 ohms. All double their output into 2-ohm loads, and all double their output when bridged to one channel at 4 ohms.

 The four four-channel models are rated at 4×115, 4×150, 4×225, and 4×375 watts into 4 ohms. All double their output into 2-ohm loads, and all double or almost double their output when bridged to two channels driving 4-ohm loads.

The two mono amps are rated at 1×400 and 1×625 watts. Output doubles into 2-ohm loads and doubles or almost doubles again when driving 1-ohm loads.

 In its new top-end Crunch V-Drive series, which replaces the top-end Gound Pounder GPV series, the company delivers high sound quality and offers Class D mono amps.

The 10 V-Series amps consist of three two-channel models at a suggested $149 to $289, four four-channel models at $179 to $349, and three mono Class D amps at $319 to $389.