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Crown Audio Opens Second Showroom

Winter Park, Fla. – Central Florida A/V dealer and system integrator Crown Audio officially became a chain last month with the opening of its second showroom.

The new storefront, located here just outside of Orlando, joins the company’s original store in nearby Lake Mary, Fla.

“We were fortunate enough to grow and expand during this economy, and began experiencing a high demand from clients who wanted us to have offices closer to their homes near Winter Park,” said VP Wael Yacoub. “With this showroom, we identified a hole in the market and will continue to grow our customer base while giving clientele added convenience.”

The dealer, a member of the Home Entertainment Source (HES) buying group, a division of BrandSource, said the new showroom allows customers to handle the equipment and appreciate the experience they could have with their own home entertainment system. Vignettes include a home theater, a bar area and a 3D room.

“We can even take the proposed gear for a client’s system and set it up in a room to demo their exact proposed setups,” Yacoub noted. “By catering to the client in this way, we put customer service above selling and focus on the friend relationship before anything else.”

Crown Audio also lets customers conduct their own demonstrations by providing a downloadable universal remote control (URC) app, which visitors can use to control various systems via their smartphones.

Yacoub credits HES in large measure for the company’s success in a tough market. “HES has been a great partner and a huge part of our success in this expansion, allowing us to buy electronics as the big retailers do,” he said. “They help with not just purchasing product, but also allowing us to compete with big-box stores in financing and offering a huge selection of resources.”

 “We love seeing our members seize market opportunities as Crown Audio has done,” said HES communications director Andy Orozco. “This new space is testament to the fact that members can succeed if they are taking full advantage of all the resources available to them and looking for ways to not only survive but to thrive.”