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Crestron Unveils 8Gb A/V-Distribution System

Rockleigh, N.J. –


announced downloadable upgrades for
its ADMS media server/manager and unveiled a new CAT-5- and fiber-based
network system capable to transporting uncompressed 3D video around the house.

The $9,000-suggested ADMS Adagio Intermedia Delivery System,

last year

, is a media server/manager that combines
7.1-channel preamp/processor, Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player and 1TB hard drive. It
searches across physical and select online media to find a song or video stored
on the embedded hard drive, on an optional $5,000 200-disc CD/DVD/BD changer, on an optional $8,000 4TB network-attached
storage (NAS) device, on a networked PC, and on selected video-streaming and
video-download sites. The ADMS
also incorporates a web browser to access any Web site, including content
services not supported natively in the ADMS

With the upgrades,
ADMS adds native support for NetFlix and Hulu in its main menu system, joining natively
hosted Joost, Vimeo, Metacafe and YouTube. The updates also combine digital
pictures and standard- and high-def home movies into a single menu system for
managing personal video content. The device now also automatically downloads
channel guides every night for cable and satellite-TV services.

The new network system is the DigitalMedia 8G, an 8Gb network system
said to be the world’s first A/V distribution and control system that provides
an 8Gb pipeline for each input and each output. A DM matrix switcher sends
audio, analog and digital video, uncompressed 3D 1080p video, HDCP copy-control data signals, EDID
and CEC data signals for video, Ethernet, and control signals over a
single shielded CAT-5 wire or fiber strand without repeaters up to 330 feet and
1,000 feet, respectively. The system uses home-run architecture so that a DM matrix switcher in the system
provides 8Gb of bandwidth rate for each
input and output, a spokesman told TWICE. The
bandwidth isn’t shared among connected devices.

 DigitalMedia surpasses the shared 1Gb
throughput of standard Ethernet networks to “preserve the native video
resolution and audio format of every signal, ensuring a pure, lossless signal
path,” the company said.

 Said marketing director Vincent Bruno,
“As a true one-wire platform with a single RJ45 connection, 8G also saves
integrators a lot of time and money, significantly reducing material and labor
costs of cabling and the number of terminations.”

 Pricing wasn’t available.