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Crestron Countersues Savant

Rockleigh, N.J. –
A countersuit filed by Crestron against Savant Systems sounds a lot like the
suit that Savant filed late last year against Creston.

 In a suit filed in the U.S. District Court for
the District of Massachusetts, Creston charged Savant with “tortuous interference
with contract, tortuous interference with prospective business relationship,
and unfair and deceptive trade practices.”

 Crestron contends Savant is “using its
baseless lawsuit against Crestron and its calculated efforts to publicize this
lawsuit to enhance Savant’s competitive position at Crestron’s expense,”
Creston said. Crestron also charges Savant with “unlawful business practices
and tactics to ‘shortcut’ its success in the marketplace instead of competing
on the merits of its products.”

 Savant is using litigation “as a means of
gaining competitive advantage in the automation and control industry,” Creston
charged, contending the legal assault is “unprecedented and disruptive to the

 Although Savant claims that Crestron has “prevented
Savant from penetrating the automation and control market and foreclosed access
to the established dealer channel,” Creston said in a statement, Savant has nonetheless
“continued to claim success in growing its sales and dealer base.”

filed its federal suit

on the eve of last year’s CEDIA Expo, charging Crestron
with violating antitrust laws, including the Sherman and Clayton Acts, violating
the Lanham Act, and violating state unfair competition laws. Charges included illegally
stifling competition by “threatening or financially disincentivizing
dealers who offer or express an interest in offering Savant products.” The
suit also alleges that Crestron “has repeatedly published knowingly false
statements about Savant and its products, all with the intent to unfairly
compete with Savant.”

In May, a federal

a second motion

by Creston to dismiss Savant’s suit.