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Court Blocks Garmin Suit Against TomTom

Olathe, Kan. — Garmin said a U.S. District Court in Wisconsin dismissed a patent infringement suit by Garmin against TomTom.

The suit is part of series of claims that Garmin and TomTom have filed against each other.

In February 2006, Garmin sued TomTom for infringement on five patents dealing with ease-of-use features. TomTom then claimed that Garmin had violated patents which it owns. The parties filed motions for summary judgment in early fall of 2006, said Garmin. Judge Barbara Crabb then ruled in December against TomTom claims and against some of the Garmin claims, while allowing some remaining Garmin claims to go forward.

Garmin said it disagrees with the Judge’s latest ruling on the remaining claims and is “assessing available legal options.”

Garmin also said it is pursuing a separate patent infringement action against TomTom in the Eastern District of Texas.