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Corning Has Touchscreen Notebooks Covered

Corning, N.Y. — Corning unveiled on Monday the latest version of its Gorilla Glass targeting touchscreen notebook PCs, Gorilla Glass NBT.

The newest Gorilla Glass iteration was said to bring an increased layer of protection to touchscreen notebooks,  helping to protect against scratches and other forms of damage that come from everyday handling and use.

In developing Gorilla Glass NBT, Corning said it is “confident in the continued growth of the touch-enabled notebook market,” and that “consumers want thinner, sleeker and lighter-weight personal computers enabled with touch technology.”

Corning believes touch-enabled notebooks have the potential to approach the size of the current smartphone cover glass market within the next few years.

“Touch is becoming the primary way consumers are interacting with their mobile devices; and with increased touch comes the potential for the glass to scratch,” the company said in announcing the technology. “Scratches can result in the cover glass breaking, when the devices are subject to normal day-to-day usage. Corning Gorilla Glass NBT provides enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, and better retained strength once a scratch occurs to help protect notebook displays from breakage that can occur with lower-performing soda lime glass.”

The glass is “approximately 1 to 2 percent of a device’s retail price,” and provides up to 10 times the amount of scratch resistance of standard soda lime glass, Corning said.

Corning’s consumer research indicates that complaint rates for scratching on notebooks are already up to four times higher compared with other mobile devices.  Replacing the screen can be expensive and sometimes cost as much as half of the full notebook price, while leaving the user without a device for days.

Corning Gorilla Glass NBT is currently available and is expected to be featured on several notebook product models by leading global brands later this year.

Among the first PC makers to implement Gorilla Glass NBT will be Dell.

“As a leader in touch-enabled computing, Dell is always seeking the finest materials to ensure our notebook screens are impact and scratch resistant,” stated Sam Burd, Dell PC product group VP. “We’re integrating Corning Gorilla Glass NBT into our new client devices launching this fall, further enhancing our industry-leading product reliability and durability.”