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Core Brands Consolidating Rep Forces

Petaluma, Calif. — Core Brands is consolidating the rep forces of its multiple brands so that all brands will be managed by a single rep company in some territories and by two reps in other territories.

 The new structure goes into effect in July.

 The change “will make it easier for dealers to meet minimum order requirements, be considered for new lines, and provide their clients with strong branded product choices,” the company said.

 “These changes are based on a thorough review of our territories and rep capabilities,” said Paul Starkey, Core Brands marketing VP. “The model today for product acquisition has to be more conducive for our accounts to do business with Core Brands. Creating a more focused set of contacts for dealers is a major step in making it easier for them to do business with us.” 

 Core Brands, a division of the Nortek Technology Solutions Segment, consists of 10 audio, power management, and control brands, including  Aton, BlueBolt, Elan, Furman, Niles, Panamax, Proficient, SpeakerCraft, Sunfire and Xantech.