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Control4, Panasonic Team On ‘Extreme Makeover’ Project

Buffalo, N.Y. – Control4, the IP-based home control and
entertainment systems manufacturer, in cooperation with Panasonic, contributed
to an “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” project, here.

The home features a whole-home-control, energy-management and
entertainment solution installed by local integrator Shawn Lemay and his
Buffalo-based firm, Sound & Theater. “Lemay and team integrated major
subsystems in the home such as lighting, HVAC and security to provide a safe
and energy-efficient dwelling,” Control4 said. 

The homeowner, Delores Powell, had purchased her home in 2002
without knowledge that it was on the city’s demolition list.  After many
years of renovations, the home was still unlivable and in desperate need of
repair to make it safe, secure and energy efficient.

 “Our goal for this project was to install a solution that
gave the family peace of mind when it came to the security and overall energy
consumption of their home,” said Lemay. “With a history of high crime and
theft, the neighborhood proved to be problematic for Delores and her
children. We wanted the technology in their home help solve some of these

 Control4 provided the overall home-control, energy-management
and entertainment solution for the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” project.
The project features:

*Four Panasonic model BB-HCM735 splash-resistant outdoor IP
network cameras providing high resolution imagery of the exterior of the
home. LED lights give difficult to see areas better visibility and
preprogrammed commands allow the security functions to interrupt entertainment
when a doorbell rings or a sensor detects unusual movement outside.

*A full energy management solution using Control4 and Peak
Software, which allows the family to monitor their real-time energy usage
though graphs on every user interface in the home including their TVs and touch
panels. Additionally, the home was outfitted with a solar panel system, and
energy generated from the panels is calculated through Control4 and then given
back to the grid if it outweighs the energy consumed. This results in
significant cost savings for the Powell family, the company said.

*Distributed music, movies and TV through a centralized equipment
rack in the basement. Access to all entertainment equipment is via the single,
user-friendly Control4 interface at televisions or touch screens throughout the
home, making home entertainment simple and streamlined. 

To view the full episode, which aired Jan. 24, visit ABC’s “Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition” Web site at

The show, now in its seventh season, airs Sundays from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,
ET, on ABC.