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Control4 Makes Its Case for The Kitchen

If the kitchen is the new heart of the house, and dwellings are increasingly connected, then somewhere between the fridge and countertop exists the new ground zero in smart home.

That’s the premise behind the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle, where vendors, futurists and food techs gathered to map a culinary course for the future.

Also on hand was the granddaddy of home automation, Control4, which showcased the latest in professionally programmed and homeowner-personalized smart-home scenarios.

As the company’s product marketing senior director Brad Hintze noted, “The kitchen is the central gathering spot in the home. That makes it the best room for the conveniences and the personalization a home chef wants for everyday cooking experiences, friends and family gatherings, or even that special celebration.”

To his point, Control4 systems currently touch more than 10,700 connected devices, including TVs, music streams, fans, automated shades, and lighting, allowing homeowners to use the company’s “When>>Then” personalization service to integrate cooking and food prep directly into their programmed home automation “scenes.”

By way of example, the voice command “Alexa, turn on cooking,” could power the lights over the kitchen island, start a favorite podcast on Spotify and lower the AC temperature, all while the home chef continues preparing the evening meal, the company suggested.

“The best smart-kitchen scenes are efficient, ambient, and responsive to your cooking and entertaining needs,” Hintze said.