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Control4 Brings Down Touchscreen Prices

Salt Lake City, Utah –
Control4 is bringing down the price of in-wall home-automation touchscreens with
its first models sporting an edge-to-edge capacitive glass front panel.

The company’s InfinityEdge low-profile
touchscreens come in 5-inch and 7-inch sizes at suggested retails of $599 and
$899, respectively. A previous Control4 7-inch touchscreen retailed for $1,195.

At prices described by the company as “unheard
of,” the new touchscreens support “our vision to provide affordable home
control solutions that will allow home owners to access their Control4 system
from virtually every room in the house,” said CEO Will West.

The new models, available in black or white, control
lights, music, climate, entertainment and security systems connected to
Control4 controllers. Both feature four customizable scene buttons. The devices
run on the new Control4 OS 2.0, whose Flash-compatible user interface makes it
possible to download apps from the company’s 4Store Application Marketplace to
add such features as viewing daily news and weather reports, changing codes in
KwikSet locks, and playing games.

Both new models can be upgraded to include
intercom capability with the purchase of a $499-suggested site license. The
optional intercom capability lets consumers monitor rooms, communicate between
rooms, and broadcast messages to multiple InfinityEdge touchscreens in a house.

The units communicate via wired-Ethernet or Wi-Fi
802.11b/g to Control4’s IP-based home-automation controllers. Power is supplied
by AC or by their Power Over Ethernet capability.

Though described by the company as a 5-inch
model, the CC-TSWMC5 features 4.7-inch diagonal display area with 800 by
480-pixel resolution and 24-bit color depth. The company’s web site previously
described the touchscreen as offering a 3.8-inch display area with 320 by 240-pixel
resolution and 16-bit color.

Electricians can pre-wire the touchscreens’ backboxes
in new construction, enabling Control4 dealers to add the touchscreens at a
later date with one connection. Both touchscreens use the same backbox.