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Content Makers Take Exception To CEA

WASHINGTON, D.C. -In an effort to refute the assertions of the Consumer Electronics Association’s Digital Download conference, a coalition of spokespeople from the RIAA, MPAA, NCAA, Professional Photographer’s Association (PPA) and the Digital Interactive Software Industry took to the podium at the Renaissance Mayflower hotel, here.

“The CEA is trying to paint us as being anti-consumer and anti-technology,” said Fritz Attaway, executive VP of government affairs for the MPAA. “We’re not. We have a different worldview of how these new technologies should be controlled. We want order, they want anarchy.”

Holding up enlarged screenshots of two websites-the free file-sharing network and the industry-sanctioned pay site illustrated his point. Referring to Gnutella, he said, “This is what the CEA wants: millions of files, for free, with questionable quality and content. A bazaar of the bizarre. We prefer the SightSound option: clean appearance, high quality and artist compensation.”