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Consumers Want 3D From Cable, Satellite

In a recent online survey, more than three-fourths of consumers said they would rather receive 3D content via their cable or satellite provider compared with those respondents who prefer Blu-ray/DVD, which was the second choice overall.

The second annual 3D study, which was conducted by Quixel Research, surveyed 1,000 HDTV owners online to quantify as well as qualify their opinions on 3D technology.

“Consumers not only prefer to receive 3D content from their cable or satellite provider, but they are willing to pay more for a 3D movie channel,” stated Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research principal.

“Consumers are very familiar with recent 3D technology, and those who have seen a 3D movie in the 12 months are interested in owning a 3D TV, even if it requires glasses.”

The full study, which is available for purchase from Quixel, provides the most recent findings regarding consumers’ willingness to purchase 3D TVs and glasses, as well as accepted price points, 3D brands and 3D content types.

Among the findings in the report:

  • 3D Product Awareness: 78 percent of respondents have had a 3D experience.
  • 3D Interest/Purchasing: Half of those surveyed are interested in watching 3D at home, with those who have seen a 3D movie recently more interested in purchasing than the overall sample.
  • 3D Timing: More than a third of those surveyed expect 3D TV within 12 months.
  • 3D Content: A significant majority would be interested in changing their content provider in order to receive 3D content.
  • 3D Opinions: Almost two-thirds stated 3D is a group experience.
  • 3D Glasses: Consumers are willing to pay for 3D glasses but don’t expect to pay twice as much for two pairs.
  • 3D Brands: Comcast was in the top three trusted 3D brands, along with CE manufacturers Samsung and Sony.