Consumers Expecting A Wireless Holiday


Irvine, Calif. - American consumers want a wireless Christmas, according to a survey by Cisco's home networking unit.

The survey found that 96 percent of those surveyed expected that they themselves, or one of their immediate family, would receive some type of new wireless gift this year.

What people expected Santa to bring was wide ranging, with 26 percent expecting a new computer or laptop, 19 percent a game console system, 16 percent a tablet PC and 14 percent a smartphone.

When asked what was the most important technology they had in their home, 28 percent said it was their wireless home network. However, 85 percent of those people had no idea what kind of wireless network was in their home, and this could cause a problem, Cisco said, as many of the newer wireless devices require an up-to-date 802.11n home network to properly operate.

The survey found many people are already having issues with their home network without the addition of newer devices. Twenty-five percent reported buffering delays while streaming movies, another 25 percent had periodic disconnections from the wireless network, 20 percent complained of slow downloads, and 13 percent reported slow game-playing conditions.

The survey of 1,000 adults in the United States was conducted in November.


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