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Consumer Cellular Adds Senior Phone

PORTLAND, ORE. — MVNO Consumer Cellular launched its latest cellphone for senior citizens.

The $60 PhoneEasy 618, made by Sweden’s Doro, is available through Consumer Cellular’s website and will appear in Sears stores nationwide in January

The flip phone, an update of Doro’s PhoneEasy 410, adds MMS and 3.2-megapixel camera with 8x zoom, flash and dedicated camera key.

Designed like its predecessor for people with reduced dexterity, hearing loss and decreased vision, the phone boasts a large screen, big raised buttons, soft-touch coating for a better grip, adjustable text size and contrast, and one-touch SOS button to alert family members. Volume is adjustable by frequency to accommodate various types of hearing impairment, and a higher-frequency ringtone compared to standard phones.

It also features Bluetooth.