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Connected Consumer Creates Marketing Challenges: Report

NEW YORK – Marketers and advertisers must find new ways to engage the hyper-connected consumer, who now comprises nearly half the U.S. adult population.

According to a new study by brand strategy consultants Vivaldi Partners, 48 percent of these “always on” consumers own at least three connected devices, and use them to go online multiple times a day from at least three different locations.

These “intensely digital” consumers share the same demographics and social-economic status as their less-connected counterparts, but differ greatly in how they connect with brands and businesses.

By studying their usage patterns with mobile devices, social networks and apps when researching and purchasing products or brands, Vivaldi was able to identify five distinct segments of always on consumers. They include “mindful explorers” (27 percent); “social bumblebees” (22 percent); “ad blockers” (20 percent); “focused problem solvers (18 percent); and “deal hunters” (13 percent).

Vivaldi concluded that conventional approaches will fail when targeting these consumers, and that today’s marketing and advertising spending and allocation will be obsolete within two years.

“There is no doubt that the always on consumer is a powerful and influential part of the U.S. economy that will only continue to grow,” said Erich Joachimsthaler, founder/CEO of Vivaldi. “There is an enormous need for marketers to come up with new ways, methods and approaches to understand consumers, what matters to them, and how they view brands through the new technologies that are available to consumers and to brands.”