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Conn’s Fully Operational

Beaumont, Texas — Conn’s reported today that its headquarters, regional distribution center and five area stores that were impacted by Hurricane Rita last month have now resumed normal operations.

None of the facilities suffered major damage and were reopened with the return of power and other essential city services. A number of the chain’s other 55 stores located in anticipated landfall areas had been closed due to local evacuations but were brought back online as soon as the storm’s threat passed.

Rita came ashore Sept. 24, just southeast of Beaumont, Conn’s home base. In anticipation of its arrival, the white- and brown-goods chain transferred its key operations to Dallas and other sites away from the coast. This permitted all facilities outside the storm-affected areas to remain operational. All corporate functions were later relocated to Dallas and other locations including Houston, San Antonio and Austin due to the prolonged restoration in southeast Texas.

As of Oct. 10, all company functions and activities had resumed regular operations at their normal locations.

Conn’s reported that net sales for September, which included 134 lost store-days due to Rita, increased 20.6 percent year-over-year to $47.3 million, while same-store sales increased 10.6 percent for the month. While the company does not usually report monthly volume, it said it is releasing the numbers on a one-time basis due to the “extraordinary nature of the events” related to the hurricane.

“In spite of Hurricane Rita, our sales performance continues to be strong,” said Tom Frank, chairman/CEO. “In fact, we expect sales to benefit ultimately from the storm’s impact — we sell many of the products our customers need to rebuild their lives following this storm. We appreciate the hardships and losses our customers have endured, so we have worked hard to reopen all of our stores to assist them in getting back to normal.”