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Condoms With A Click: Amazon Dash Is At It Again

Amazon appears to be aiming for the college crowd with its latest raft of Amazon Dash button brands.

As a refresher, Dash is a Wi-Fi-based replenishment system. Embedded in devices, it can automatically reorder products like detergent or printer toner when it senses that levels are low.

But in the former scenario, Amazon Prime members can affix branded re-order buttons around the house for a widening array of products, and can purchase and pay for those items at, well, the push of a button.

Initial Dash partnerships appeared to target homemakers, with Tide, Bounty, Glad and Huggies among the first wave of participating brands.

Now, as Dash marks its first anniversary and passes the 100-button mark, college dorms are seemingly in the marketers’ sights, as the newest contingent of brand partners would suggest:

• Air Wick
• Clorox Wipes
• Doritos
• Hansen’s Soda
• Kraft Mac & Cheese
• Lysol
• Red Bull
• Slim Jim
• Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee
• Trojan

Amazon Dash director Daniel Rausch said the platform’s push-button purchasing is catching on, with orders up over 75 percent year to date, to an average of more than one a minute.

To demonstrate Dash’s popularity, Amazon offered up a customer quote from a “Pedro S.” who said: “I’ve placed the Dash buttons where I normally place the toilet paper and cleaning products to remind me when to order the items.”

Which begs the question: where to place the Trojan button?