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Concord Demos Wi-Fi Digital Camera Technology

Cologne, Germany. — Concord Camera is demonstrating a new wireless image transfer technology for digital cameras called WIT (Wireless Image Transfer) at the Photokina photo trade show, here, this week.

The demo involves a prototype 2-inch by 2-inch WIT-enabled Wi-Fi USB device that connects to a digital camera’s USB port to wirelessly transmit images. Concord will also use the WIT device on third-party cameras to transfer data.

According to Concord, the technology is being evaluated for use in as a stand-alone accessory to a camera as well as an integrated technology to produce a Wi-Fi enabled camera. They will also license the technology to third parties.

WIT uses 802.11b and according to Concord is compatible “with all Wi-Fi hot spots and base stations, as well as using the 802.11g standard.” What makes WIT unique, Concord said, is its ability to acquire the image data from different brands of cameras.

Using WIT, users can beam a 4-megapixel image at 1/10th of a second, Concord said. Video clips can transmit at up to 54MBps. Images can also be e-mail or FTP with the help of a Wi-Fi access point or Hotspot.