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CompUSA Formalizes Service Program

CompUSA, which has offered technology services and support through its stores since 1993, has formalized those functions under a new banner called Techknowledgist.

The nationwide support network, aimed at both consumers and businesses, is comprised of 20,000 screened and certified technicians from CompUSA and several independent providers including All work is 100-percent guaranteed by CompUSA.

“Techknowledgists” are available for either in-store or on-site appointments, and fees are based on flat-rate menu of options. Appointments can be scheduled via phone — (800) CompUSA — or online (, and next-day support is available for customers scheduling before 3 p.m. local time.

In-store services include repairs, starting at $99.99 plus parts; preventative maintenance, starting at $19.99; and computer hardware and software upgrades for $29.99, plus 50-percent off additional installations during the same service event. Techknowledgists will also provide one-on-one CompCare assessments of old and new computers to tailor hardware, software and security provisions to each customer’s needs.

On-site services include PC set-up and connections, wireless network installation, Internet security configuration and performance upgrades for $99.99 each. CompUSA also offers a how-to and repair package for $149.99, and a four-hour general services FlexTechs option for $299.99.

Larry Mondry, CEO of CompUSA, said that the Techknowledgist program builds on the chain’s 12-year history of tech support “and takes technical service capabilities in the United States to a whole new level.”

“As technology continues to converge,” he said, “our Techknowledgists give customers exactly what they are asking for: fast response times, reasonable costs and qualified, competent technicians to meet their needs.”

George Coll, CompUSA’s VP/technology assurance, services and e-commerce, added: “Techknowledgist optimizes convenience and flexibility for our customers. Our qualified technicians make sure technology works for consumers and businesses when and where they need it.”

Today’s launch of Techknowledgist follows the recent nationwide rollout of Best Buy’s comparable Geek Squad service and the limited introduction of Circuit City’s IQ Crew program.