CompUSA Enhances Interactive Displays

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Miami, Fla. - CompUSA stores have extended their interactive display capabilities from TVs, PCs and monitors to handheld devices such as GPS, cellphones, MP3 players and cameras as the Systemax chain continues to enhance its "Retail 2.0" platform.

The concept allows in-store customers to access detailed product information and even browse competitors' Web sites via product-dedicated, Internet-enabled display screens. Retail 2.0-equipped stores also feature Internet-connected in-aisle displays with scanners that can provide complete price and product information on a wide range of SKUs.

The newly connected handheld devices will be attached to the system via a "waterfall display" that allows customers to hold and demo each item. The interactive displays are activated by simply lifting a unit from its cradle, the company said. 

"We are perfecting Retail 2.0 with more touch screens, hands-on product/Internet capabilities and greater communication of promotions to our in-store customers," said Gilbert Fiorentino, chief executive of the Systemax technology products group, which includes CompUSA, and TigerDirect.

In addition to incorporating handhelds into Retail 2.0, all desktops, laptops, monitors and TVs - more than 200 screens per store - are now connected to the system, and idle screens provide continuous educational content using home-station HD broadcasts, movie previews, animated shorts and in-store promotions.

Fiorentino plans to present the updated Retail 2.0 platform at the Wynn Hotel during International CES. Contact Britt Monroe at (954) 854-1794 to schedule an appointment and arrange transportation.


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